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Special Souvenirs and Gifts from Yogyakarta You Need to Grab Today

Special souvenirs and gifts from Yogyakarta are part of the experiences you should derive from traveling to the city. In fact, if you go back home without bringing anything from this city, you are as good as missing out on something that is truly unique and perhaps one of a kind. Your family and friends would appreciate the gift you hand over to them and it is not impossible that through the souvenirs that you offer them, they would be interested in going to the city themselves. In the end, you can share the experiences with each other.

Special souvenirs and gifts from Yogyakartaindonesiaare indeed unique. They are mostly in the form of handicrafts and textiles and vary in sizes. Some are as tiny as a key ring and some are so big that you need to reserve a special spot inside a plane’s cargo to accommodate them. But you would be wrong to think that handicrafts are the only thing you can bring back home from Yogyakarta. They are only some of the objects that make up the best souvenirs from the city. The city’s snacks are worthy of bringing back home and they can survive the period it takes to carry them either by plane or by car. The long shelf time is achieved without the use of chemical preservation but through special ways of preparation.

Special souvenirs and gifts from Yogyakarta to bring homecan be observed through the short list compiled below. All of them are food/snacks so you can diversify the things you carry back home.

  1. Bakpia

Bakpia is a type of pastry, specialty of Yogyakarta. You may find the same thing in stalls selling souvenirs at major airports throughout Indonesia but nothing beats the real deal. In the past, your choice was limited to one that is filled with mung bean paste. Today, however, bakpia has undergone modification so you can choose items with various fillings from cheese to chocolate to fruit-flavored.

  1. Yangko

Texture-wise, yangko is closer to that of mochi cakes, being made of the same main ingredient, the glutinous rice flour. Yangko, however, are always presented in rectangular shape and colorful appearance. The color indicates the flavor of each piece of yangko—typically, a yangko’s flavor is fruit-like.

  1. Geplak

This one might not be everyone’s cup of coffee but those with sweet tooth may find it pleasant. Geplak is made of shredded coconut flesh. The shreds are then mixed with a lot of sugar so much so that you can smell the sweetness. The mixture is cooked thoroughly and then is scooped, added with food coloring that also gives taste, and shaped into round spheres.

  1. Gudeg

There are two variants of gudeg: dry and wet. In either version, the main ingredient is the same: the flesh of unripe jackfruit. The dry variant has a longer shelf time. It can survive outside the fridge for 3 days.

  1. Monggo

Monggo is a chocolate confectionery authentic to Yogyakarta.


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